A Country of Natural Beauty

Bangladesh : A Country of Natural Beauty
A delta in the lap of the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. With more than seventy per cent of her population living in villages, her cultural and scenic beauty  is countryside-oriented. Her nature adopts different looks in different seasons giving panoramic natural views.

Dhaka City : Architectures and Sculptures 

Dominated by imperialism in ages, Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has now become a place of sculptures and architectures that represent races, ages and above all a common Bangalee culture. Roaming through the city one will find statues in most of the road crossings. Important buildings and places accommodate monuments that remind of historical events or personalities. 

Pahela Baishakh (Bangla New Year)

Baishakh is the first month of Bangla year. Bangladeshis celebrate the New Bangla Year on the 1st (Pahela) Baishakh. The whole country falls in a festive mood in this day. Lots of fairs, cultural festivals, colorful rallies, seminars, exhibitions etc. are organized to celebrate the Pahela Baishakh in every part of the country. The Dhaka University campus and the Ramna area of Dhaka becomes the center point of national level celebration of this festival. 


 Liberation War of Bangladesh

Bangladesh became independent after a bloody war of nine months. This nine months cost a lot to Bangladeshis to be free from the clutches of Pakistani oppressors. They started killing in the dead of night of 25th March in 1971 and went on doing their best to destroy Bangladeshis indiscriminately. In exchange of the lives of as many as thirty lakh  Bangladeshis the cherished freedom was achieved. 

Immortal Ekushey (21st February)

Bangalees protected Bangla from the clutches of Pakistani oppressors in 1952 by preventing Urdu from being the state language of East Pakistan where a vast majority of people spoke in Bangla. Bangalees had to sacrifice lives for their mother tongue on 21st February, 1952. 21st February being declared International Mother Language Day by UNESCO,  Bangla reached the maturity.  



Chittagong: The commercial capital of Bangladesh

Chittagong is the largest seaport and the commercial capital of Bangladesh. In addition to the largest seaport, this charming divisional headquarter accommodates Cox’s Bazaar sea beach ( the largest sea beach in the world), Kaptai Lake, Patenga Beach, interesting tribal culture, Naval Academy, and a remarkably comfortable weather.  

University of Dhaka : Country’s largest abode of education 

The University of Dhaka is the biggest and the most ancient  university in Bangladesh. It is Famous for traditional and cultural  heritage. Its dimension includes 9 units. 42 departments and 7 institutes wherein there are as much as about 26000 students.  It is the first moderns university in South Asia. 


Nurullahpur : Just another village of Bangladesh


The name of the village is Nurullahpur situated in the district of Jhalkathi in the southern part of Bangladesh. It stands to the south of the town on the bank of Sugandha. Nurullahpur is just another village like many in Bangladesh that depend on natural resources. The villagers are deprived of modern technological facilities.


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